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We hope you find the Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Directory (TBIRD) to be a usful tool. Inside the TBIRD you'll find hundreds of resources relevant to individuals with brain injury, their families, and friends. We've recently made major changes to the content and format. This version, as all others before it, is a work in progress. Your feedback is important!


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About the TBIRD
This is the sixth edition of the TBIRD. Learn more about the TBIRD, who compiles the information, and how it gets paid for. Did you know that print and CD versions of the TBIRD are available? Find out more!


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Download or View the TBIRD
This version of the TBIRD is available in Portable Document Format (PDF). You can download or view the TBIRD by chapter or in its entirety.


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The index for the TBIRD is available in PDF (Portable Document Format). You can look up the names of resources to figure out which chapters they are in. You can also look up resources by the city they are located in.


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Frequently Asked Questions
What in blazes is a PDF file? Can I order a printed copy? What are the future plans for the TBIRD? All this and more!


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Submissions & Corrections
The online TBIRD is updated periodically. You can submit your additions or corrections here. There is also an area for you to leave feedback.



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